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Our mission at Illure®? Illumination.

To add a unique GLOW to everything we do. From the way we work together, design, craft, and function as a team. Illumination is not just about light—but also enlightenment. Often, it’s the basics that stand the test of time. Living and enjoying life with the awareness of what rewards and sustains.

Our purpose at Illure® is to reinvent, refresh, and revolutionize pieces that bring beauty, comfort, and a sense of the everlasting to our lives—like a candle creates.

What could be more basic or beautiful to life’s most remembered moments? Candles. Their GLOW adds a flicker of anticipation to romantic dinners, wedding days, and honeymoon nights. Or infuse a new sense of drama, shadow, and warmth to home spaces—from baths to back verandas. Candles have never been about the light—but the GLOW, and that’s where Illure's
® brilliance began.


illure - Candle Photoshoot_Final - 07092
Young Designer


At Illure we are fortunate to have an amalgamation of so many talented people from all walks of life.  Our team brings decades of experience with them from some of the top retail and design brands around the world. 

We are extremely proud of the team that has been assembled and we value them as our most prized asset.

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