Elevate your home or space with a piece from our assortment:


- Mercury Glass

- Burnished Trays

- Shinto inspired charred wood finished Pillar - Stands

- Metal Candle Stands

- Glass Cloches

- Agate Coasters

Cosy Living Room



We design timeless and functional products that have a strong focus on craftsmanship. Our collection consists of a wide variety of products for around the home. All Illure® decor products are carefully selected, with focus on sustainability and natural materials.
We simply love products with a unique story which also adds extra value. Our mission is to show the world that home interior and decor can be both sustainable AND stunning!
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Majority of our products are handmade and produced under sustainable conditions. We are well-known for our detailed design, elegant style, and high-end quality.
Everything we do, we do it for the reason; challenge the norm and think outside the box. We are very dedicated to our work and in every design, we go the extra mile keeping the environment and social conditions in mind.